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Sticker — Not all disabilities are visible (ghosts)

Sticker — Not all disabilities are visible (ghosts)

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Sticker your car, fridge, office or window with our transparent “not all disabilities are visible” stickers! Show your awareness and understanding for rare and invisible disabilities and show you care with these stickers! Great for the workplace, community, and even transport devices. Those who know it will know, and be so stoked to see your awareness, and those who don’t can be educated by your sticker as well!!

Not all disabilities are seen or use mobility devices! 

Image Description: 5 cartoon ghosts in a row, each with their own disability or access need. From left to right: First one uses a cane, second has a brace on its left arm and right leg, third can’t be seen with any visible disabilities, forth has a heart condition and it has a heart with a ECG beat wave across the heart on its right side of its chest, fifth is in a wheelchair. Across the top of the sticker says “Not all disabilities are visible”. It is all black outline on white background. 


Material: Adhesive Waterproof Plastic 

Size: 18cm (L) x 5cm (W) 

Weight: 5 grams

Package includes: 1x Adhesive Sticker 

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