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Travel — Accessories Hook (Adhesive)

Travel — Accessories Hook (Adhesive)

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Introducing our versatile adhesive hooks. These are great solution for easy and convenient organisation in your vehicle and at home. With a good bearing load, they’re able to be used for range of things such as: 

In your vehicle — organise the cords in your vehicle and ensure they are kept tidy and organised. Not just to look nice, but to ensure you find the end of your charger cord when should need it most. It’s also fantastic for hanging your air fresher in your vehicle, as well as a space for your rubbish bag also.

In your home — these hooks are perfect for hanging your keys or the garage door remote at the front door. They’re also great for in your office, lounge, bedroom and the side of your bed for tidy storage and easy finding of your small items and end of charger cords. 

For medical needs — If you are a feeding tube user, or have medical pumps, or IV needs, then these are also a really fantastic option for ensuring that your cords, lines le tubes do not get tangled or caught up. From bedside to the side of your wheelchair - keep the ends of your cords from getting snagged or dirty. 



Material: ABS, Nylon

Size: 4cm (L) x 1cm (W) x 1.2cm (D) 

Weight: 5 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Accessories Hook  




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