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Suction Kitchen Dish Brush

Suction Kitchen Dish Brush

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Wash and clean your cups, mugs and wine glasses with one hand, and the twist of the glass and in one quick movement, cleaning your cups has suddenly become a whole lot easier. Just place the cup over the brush, twist it backwards and forward and have it cleaned with a lot less effort or struggles. 

Made with high quality materials, the brush fits Most cup sizes and will help to clean the inside of the cup.

The brush has suction feet that allows you to be stuck the brush to the base or wall of your sink. It can also be or table top. Make it work the way you need it to!

No more wrangling a dish brush or cloth, this allows you to hold them cup without having to also hold a brush brush or cloth. 

Beneficial for: 

— everyone! These make it easier for anyone at all! 

— those who are able to use one hand at a time 

— those with dexterity struggles, or muscle weakness

— those with hand tremors, spasms and cramps 

— those with arthritis, carpel tunnel, or hand pain 

— those with injuries in their hand, arm, or shoulder 



Material: PP Plastic, PVC 

Size: 16.5cm (H) x7cm (diameter) 

Weight: 100 grams 

Package includes: 1x Kitchen Cup Scrubbing Brush

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