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Transfer Bottle Lid — Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

Transfer Bottle Lid — Avanos (ENFit Compatible)

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NeoMed transfer lids make drawing up small trophic feeds, or adding extra fats to feeds or through syringe makes it so much easier to navigate! No more having to pour the contents into a container and then draw up and have all of the mess to clean up, or try and place a syringe directly into the bottle with the risk of accidentally adding containments. With the transfer lid, you can just connect the syringe to the top of the bottle, tip the bottle upside down, and then draw the required amounts into the syringe with better precision, less air bubbles, and a whole lot less mess! 

“The NeoMed transfer lid allows transfer of contents between a storage container and an enteral syringe while promoting aseptic technique.“ 

Will fit a wide variety of medication bottles as well as your standard collection bottles for various needs. Allows for sterilised safer drawing up of medications. 

Now finally available to the open New Zealand market, we are proud to have partnered with Avanos be able to offer these to our customers and a wider community.

Features Include: 

➡️ Reusable: Can be reused over and over if washing and sterilising between uses and cor each new bottle. 

➡️ Fits standard breastmilk bottles such as: Johnson, Abbott, Meade and Medela. 

➡️ Compatible with Flocare 1L decanting containers.

➡️ Compatible with all tube feeding formulas that have the larger bottle opening as Flocare Containers. 

➡️ Promotes dosing accuracy necessary for compounding of HBM with fortifiers. 

 ➡️ Meets ASPEN/ADA recommendations for transfer of breastmilk/nutrition

➡️ Promotes aseptic technique of breastmilk transfer per ADA guideline and may reduce touch contamination

➡️ Integrated vent and domed design minimises loss and allows maximum transfer of nutrition.

➡️ Enhances ease of use and feeding compliance. 


Material: Medical Grade Plastic (Class VI Medical Grade Polypropylene). Not made with BPA or DEHP

Size: 4.05cm (diameter) 

Weight: less than 10 grams

Package Includes: 1x Transfer Lid


Are the lids reusable?

Yes, the lids are reusable. Please ensure you wash and sterilise the lid for each new bottle you connect it to. If you see any wear or perishing, please discard it. 

How many should I order? 

This is entirely up to you. However, we recommend a minimum of one per bottle plus an additional one to be able to be used when the one you have been using is washed and sterilised between uses to ensure there is no delay in always accessing what you need. Finally, we would recommend always having at least one in back up in case anything happens to the ones you are using. But it absolutely depends on how you use them. 

Note: Information for this page has been partially collected directly from the Avanos Website. For more information on this product, including a list of resources and references, please see: AVANOS.COM

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