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Tubie Pads — Pattered, Assorted.

Tubie Pads — Pattered, Assorted.

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Assorted Designs


Discover Tubie Pads, specially crafted to provide comfort and protection for individuals with feeding tubes. These soft, absorbent pads are designed to offer a gentle barrier between the skin and the tubing.

Made from breathable materials, Tubie Pads help reduce irritation and discomfort often caused by friction from the feeding tube. Their softness ensures a cushioned layer around the insertion site, promoting comfort and minimizing the risk of skin irritation or chafing, and absorbing any discharge or leaking of the tube site, wicking liquid away from the skin ASAP.

Easy to use and maintain, these pads are washable reusable, and offer practicality + cost-effectiveness. Elevate your comfort and care routine with these Tubie Pads, designed to provide a soothing and comfortable protective layer for feeding tube users.

Image Description: Tubie pads that are circular, then have a hole internally with a snap so that you can connect the Tubie pad around the feeding tube stoma site. In a range of patterns, the top is a softer fabric.


Material: Soft Fabric

Size: 8cm (diameter) 

Weight: 3 grams 

Package includes: 1x Tubie Pad

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