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Kids “U” Whole Mouth Toothbrush - Ages 6 - 12

Kids “U” Whole Mouth Toothbrush - Ages 6 - 12

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Whole mouth toothbrushes are here and are one of our most sought after products — you can understand why! A way to engage kids in their dental hygiene and the assurance for you to know they are getting a full mouth clean. By brushing side to side, it brushes all of their teeth all at once —  top, bottom, front and back! 

These have been a winner for kids with sensory issues, autism, disabilities, and kids who struggle with brushing their teeth or want more independence and the knowledge for you it’s brushing all teeth at once.

Note: Large might work for adults with small mouth. 



Ages 6 - 12: 13cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

Handle*: 9cm (L) x 2cm (W)

Head: 4cm (L) x 4.8cm (W) x 1.2 (D)

*Yellow Star Handle: 6cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 1.2 (D)

Weight: 13 grams 

Package includes: 1x Whole Mouth Toothbrush 

How to use: 

1. Wet the toothbrush. Place a dot of toothpaste on each side of the toothbrush, both the top and bottom.

2. Place toothbrush in mouth, lightly bite down and then move the toothbrush from side to side, back and forth.

3. Keep brushing for two minutes this way. Once you are finished, rinse off your brush ready for next time.

4. That’s it! You’re all set to go! 

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Cleaning Instructions

➡️ After each use, rinse the toothbrush thoroughly under warm water to remove toothpaste and debris. ➡️ Gently scrub the bristles with your fingers as needed to ensure all residue is removed.
➡️ Once a week you can soak the toothbrush in a mixture of water and white vinegar or an antibacterial mouthwash for 5-10 minutes to disinfect. Please rinse thoroughly with water afterward.
➡️ Please allow the toothbrush to air dry completely in an upright position after using. 
➡️ Avoid using hot water.
➡️ Do not place the toothbrush in a dishwasher as this can damage the bristles structure of the brush.
➡️ Please replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months — or sooner if it shows any signs of wear and tear. 



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