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Fidget — Fidget Spinner

Fidget — Fidget Spinner

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Introducing 3D spinning fidget toys - a great way to keep hands engaged in a safe and healthful manner. These offer a positive, effective means of alleviating feelings of overwhelm, tension, anxiety, and stress.

They serve as valuable tools, aiding individuals in finding sensory relief through quiet and supportive methods. Ideal for diverse settings – from classrooms for kids to outings for teenagers, and from homes to workplaces and social gatherings for adults. Truly suitable for everyone!


These are great for anyone who: 

— wants a discrete and quiet fidget tool to use 

— wants to reduce nail biting, or skin picking 

— gets sensory overloaded/overwhelmed at times 

— needs to keep their hands moving to be able to concentrate or stay engaged with classroom learning 

— likes to click their pen, chew their pencil, etc 

— has Autism, ADHD, or additional sensory needs 

— has anxiety and/or social anxiety in new spaces …

…and so many more uses — for kids and adults alike!



Material: Plastic

Size: 7cm (W) x 7cm (H) 

Weight: 16 grams 

Package Contains: 1x 3D Fidget Spinner 

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