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Gel Socks — Top of foot

Gel Socks — Top of foot

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Use our gel heel socks during to add some cushioning to the your heels and reduce the risk of rubbing, blister formation and pain. This is especially great for those who get heel dry skin and cracking, are prone to blisters and pain on the top if your foot, and those who wear braces ankle bracing such as ‘ankle-foot-orthotics for example, as well as those who like to rollerblade, roller skate, and other sports that may put added pressure or straps over the top of the foot. These socks are a brilliant way to add some padding to bony areas, without adding a lot of the extra bulk! 

If you struggle with the feeling of claustrophobia on your feet, having the toes outside of the socks can make all the difference! And the bonus is that all the ingredients used in the gel are hypoallergenic! #win 

Reusable and comfortable enough to wear daily. Extend the life and moisturing effects of your socks. Hand wash, or wash in a machine at no more than 30°.  Avoid direct sunlight. Air dry. To keep the oils evenly distributed in your socks, store flat, not rolled in a ball. 


Material: Stocking + Gel 

Size: 36-42 shoe size approx / 12cm (L) x 8.5cm (W)

Weight:  30 grams 

Package includes: 1x pair of gel socks 


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