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Lockable Medication Purse

Lockable Medication Purse

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Keep your medications safe and out the reach or skill set of little hands accessing, when when you are on the road and on-the-go with this TSA lockable purse. 

A wipeable surface on the outside, and layers of fabric inside, including bamboo and activated carbon also means that this purse will hold and contain any smells within it, without it leaching into the rest of your car, bag, purse, or travel gear. With the activated carbon able to easily filter, absorb and neutralise any odours, your bag smelling because your smokes or other items are inside it, is now a thing of the past. 

It can be used for storing anything you like, but is especially useful storing keepsakes and potentially dangerous prescription medications with you so that little inquisitive hands can’t accidentally get into it easily, protecting them from prescription medication. It will also stop odours inside the bag from escaping.  

Note: Also available in many other colours and patterns, please make contact and enquire with us to let us know what style or colour if for your preference.



Material: PU + Activated Carbon + ABS Plastic 

Size: 32cm x 18cm x 6cm 

Weight: Approx 140 grams 

Package Contains:  1x Bamboo Filter Carbon TSA Lock Box Medication Bag 


How to use the lock: 

When you first get the bag, all codes for TSA approved bags are automatically set as 0-0-0. To reset this code and enter your own one, enter this code and then press the resettable button. Set your own password by turning the dials and then push the button back in. This is now your new lock bag code. 


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