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USB Heated Slippers

USB Heated Slippers

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Is it just me? Or do your feet get as cold as mine on those wet, miserable or cold days. Getting up for work, your feet sitting at your desk get cold and you just can’t seem to warm them up….? You’re not alone!

Is it just me? Or does keeping your feet warm in your wheelchair seem like a never ending constant battle? Wanting to stay warm, but not wanting a blanket - you revert to various heat packs. But they only go so far when they fall off, are maybe too heavy on your feet, don’t stay warm over long times, or require you to get up to heat them — again and again? You’re not alone!

If you have circulation issues, or you are sitting down with your feet also down a lot, you’ll know that staying warm in your extremities isn’t always the easiest thing to do or manage. Add to that, if you have a diagnosis such as Raynaud Phenomenon, Dysautonomia, CRPS, Arthritis, Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, or any other number of conditions such as have had a spinal injury or are a wheelchair user — it can make keeping warm not just nice, but essential and critical for your overall health. 

The bonus with this is that you can plug it in with a USB cable and stay warm and toasty wherever you are. Whether that is at the desk as you work (who loves nothing better than a toasty double slipper?) or you use a wheelchair (bonus! You keep your feet toasty anywhere you go using a USB on your chair if you have one, or a power bank tucked in somewhere).

The slippers each have a zip pocket with a detachable USB cord. When you want to detach the cable simply unplug it, and then zip the cord inside the pocket. You can the zip the USB cable in with one of the cords where the pocket is, or just as easily drop and store the full length cable inside one of the slippers itself. Connect it back up when you would next like to use it. It’s easy to access and fast to heat up (coming up to temperature in 3 minutes Approx). It has been made with premium plush fabrics, is super soft and it won’t scald or burn you (which is also super important for anyone with altered sensations!). 

Pro Tip: It also works great for your hands too!!

Note: Photo shown in pink, grey is also available also.


Material: Plush materials, electronics, usb, heat pads 

Size: Please see below for specific sizes 

Small: This will fit shoe size: 35 — 39 

Large: This will fit shoe size: 39 — 43 

Cable Length: this is approximately 150cm length 

Max. Temperature: 55℃

Weight: 183 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pair of USB heated slippers 


Care Instructions

➡️ Washing: These are machine washable. Remove the cable and the heating pad before washing them. Tumble dry on a low temperature, or air dry. They can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth as needed.  

Safety Precautions:

➡️ While our USB heated slippers provide soothing warmth and comfort, they may not be suitable for everyone. Please follow all of our safety precautions.  
➡️ Do not use these in or around or in the water at all. 
➡️ Ensure they are throughly dried before wearing. 
➡️ Check the electronic connection before plugging in and do not use if any damage if noted or is found. 

Not Recommended For:

➡️ Young children, those with diabetes or sensory or circulatory impairments. Reduced awareness to recognising temperature can contribute to overheating, sweating and risk of burns. 

➡️ Anyone with an open wounds or skin conditions that may cause irritation, or contribute to ongoing slow wound healing or infection.

➡️ Someone who is unable to remove the slippers independently on their own and disconnect the USB power due to risks of overheating or burns occurring. 


➡️ Never leave the slippers unattended while they are plugged into the USB. Do not ever sleep in the slippers while they are plugged in to the USB. 

➡️ If you have any health conditions or are pregnant, we strongly encourage that you consult with your healthcare provider before using these slippers. 


➡️ If you have any concerns, please consult a healthcare professional before using this product.


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