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Walking Stick / Crutches Table Support

Walking Stick / Crutches Table Support

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Table support clips for crutches, walking sticks, umbrellas, etc…. Where have you been all our lives?!?

If you are out and about while using crutches or a walking stick, will know that awkward moment where you go to sit down at a table to meet a friend, or have a spot of lunch and now have to work out where you place, rest or lay your crutches while not using them, that keeps them in easy reach of you while also being out of the way, and no where you may forget them too… or navigate that awkward moment where they maybe tip or fall over with a loud noise, and hopefully not onto or into anything. No worries anymore! We now have you sorted with these nifty crutch holders!

These will fit all walking stick, canes and crutches that have an approximate 2.5cm diameter tube, but there is flex and hold for tubes bigger or smaller than this. They will easily clip onto the shaft of your stick, making it easy to grab when needed, keeping your mobility device in easy reach and access at all times. 

Suitable for people who can’t bend over or down to the floor, as with these table supports, you will no longer need to worry about doing that! Huge bonus! 



Material: Plastic 

Size: Approx 6cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 1.5cm (D) 

Weight:  Approx 14 grams 

Package includes: 1x Table Support Crutches Clip  


How to use: To use, simply clip in around your crutch or walking stick, and rest the bulb on the table top as seen in the photos and video, to stand your crutches up easily and keep them accessible to you as needed. 

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