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Wheelchair Backpack

Wheelchair Backpack

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This specific bag has been designed all of your daily on the go needs in mind. It is a reasonable size, and will perfectly hold a binder/folder for anyone who wants to be able to take, hold or travel with uni work or documents. It has a large capacity, enough for some snacks and lunch, your drink bottle and purse.

This bag has two carry handles, as well as two detachable clips to allow you easily secure it to your mobility device with the click of a buckle. It comes with adjustable clips that allow you to leave the loop in place on your chair and just clip and un-clip your bag as you need. Alternatively you can leave the clips buckled and just use the loops them over your back canes if you chose to do that also. The loops are adjustable to fit the length and size that you want. 

This bag is made of a light weight, durable and water resistant fabric, and has been designed with reenforced stress points to extend the durability and wearability of your backpack. All seams are double stitched for additional structural integrity and to support heavy use, creating a long lasting product. It has loops that will to allow you to attach the bag to your wheelchair, scooter, and any item that has back canes that it can be securely attached and hung from.

Whether you use a wheelchair, walker or scooter, having access to a good quality bag to store and carry your things can make all of the difference! 



Material: Oxford Cloth 

Size: 38cm (L) x 39cm (W) x 25cm (D) 

Weight: 324 grams 

Package includes: 1x Wheelchair Bag 


Wheelchair Bag Shopping Mobility Storage Holdall Handle Scooter Walker Frame Storage Handbags Black Description:

1.Lightweight yet made from strong, durable, waterproof .Made from waterproof oxford material, durable.

2. Large capacity, It's really perfect for shopping or

other outdoor activities.

3.A practical small bag with adjustable straps to fit any armrest. It can hang on wheelchair, bicycle, etc.

4.Two adjustable and clip on/off straps allow this bag to be connect to nearly any mobility device.

5. Double-stitched seams and reinforced stress points.

Designed to last a lifetime.






This multipurpose backpack bag has been specifically designed with mobility aids in mind to allow quick and easy access to your belongings, while supporting them to be securely attached to your mobility device.

This bag, unlike many types of wheelchair bags has been designed to tuck in and hug tightly and securely into your mobility aid, not adding extra bulk or size to the overall foot space of your mobility device. It can be hung at different lengths by adjusting the bag strap lengths, and it can also be worn on your back like you do with a regular backpack. This bag also has a mesh panel built into it to allow you to quickly and easily see and identify what you have in your bag without having to open it up to do a double check.  

Whether you use a wheelchair, walker or scooter, having access to a good quality bag to store and carry your things can make all of the difference! 

This bag has been designed with the ability to connect and attach it in two different ways: 

1. Using the bag straps to hang it off the back of your wheelchair back canes, or off the full handles of your push pram or stroller. Easy, quick and yet still secure access to your belongings is fully empowering! 

2. Connect it directly to your device via the pin locks. This bag has two pin lock straps on it to allow you to quickly and easily take it on and off, and to be secure. This function is usually primarily on baby carriers and strollers, although can be adapted for mobility aids. 

This bag can hold and carry 2 — 4kgs in weight. And it is washing machine washable, just lay it flat to dry.


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