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Bendable Silicone Hook

Bendable Silicone Hook

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How CUTE are these adjustable zebra hooks? They are perfect for the kid's room, the door entryway, on a fridge, in the bathroom, a garage or even workplace! 

It's just nice to have a fun and cute hook that looks good and brightens up an empty space in the room. Super convenient to use as a quick identifier when anyone is looking for keys, jackets or other things you may choose to hang from them. 

Both arms and legs can be bent to create a hook from it, or just bend the ones up that you want to use — the choice is yours. Have fun, and whether you want to have a great conversation starter piece, or just an ornament on the wall. You decide what works for you! 

Use as a practical hook or a cute decoration. 



Material: Silicone and Iron (covered in the silicone)

Size: 11.5cm (L) x 7cm (W)

Weight: 25 grams 

Package includes:  1x Silicone Zebra Hook 

How to use: To use this hook, peel the sticker paper off the back of the zebra, gently wash and dry the wall space where you would like to apply the zebra hook and then press firmly to the wall to help get the zebra hook to stick well. Wait for a minimum of 8 hours (ideally 24) before using and hanging anything from it. To remove, lift one of its limbs, get hold of the tape and pull it perpendicular to the wall itself to stop the risk of wallpaper or paint removal. The tape that is with this zebra can be washed, dried and reused again. Keep it in some plastic glad-wrap or wax paper until you are ready to use and have it hold once again. 


Why the zebra? 

Zebras are the mascot for rare disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Why? Because often when doctors are in medical school, they are taught a saying which says “when you hear hoof-boots - think horses not zebras, because horses are common and zebras are rare, ie: think of the common things, not the rare ones. But because of this, often along the way, doctors can forget that zebras still exist! Just because it is often a horse, doesn’t mean that it can't be a zebra, and that zebras don't still exist! This is why the zebra is the mascot to help raise awareness. Further to that — every zebra is unique with its own stripes, and even though its stripes are different to the next persons, doesn’t mean that it’s still not a zebr'a. Ie: Just because my symptoms are different to the person next to someone else's, doesn’t mean it’s not a zebra. It can look different from one person to the next, as it depends on what is most affected for each person…. but it’s still a zebra. And zebras really do exist! — even in the shape of a zebra face mask here!

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