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Zebra Motif, Iron On Appliqué Patch

Zebra Motif, Iron On Appliqué Patch

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Get one of our Zebra Iron On Appliqués / Patches. Fix those pants, cover that hole, or just decorate your favourite bag or clothing to create your own one off pieces, let your personality and style shine through!

Zebra is the mascot for rare disease and Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS), so let’s help to get word out there and raise awareness. When people ask you, “So why the zebra?” You can explain to them that ‘Drs are often taught in medical school to, ‘think of horses and not zebras - because horses are common and zebras are rare’. IE: Think of the common thing, and not the rare one… but over time sometimes Dr’s can forget that ‘zebras still exist’, and that just because it’s most often a horse, doesn’t mean it can’t be a zebra this time. Or any other kind of rare disease or diagnoses. The other aspect is that every zebra has its own unique stripes, but it’s still a zebra. The condition may affect us in different ways, but we are still zebras too. 


How to use: Pick your favourite item that you would like to adhere this too. Please make sure it’s a cotton, canvas or material that will allow heat to be used. Place your patch where you would like to, place a layer of cloth over your patch, and iron over these as you keep the iron moving while the adhesive melts and adheres your patch to your chosen item. Allow the adhesive to cool down and set in place before you use your bag. These can also be stitched on as well. 




Material: Embroidery Iron On Appliqué  

Size: 8cm x 7.5cm 

Weight: 1 gram each 

Package includes: 1x Iron On Appliqué Patch 

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