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Easy Use Zip Pull (Set of 3)

Easy Use Zip Pull (Set of 3)

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A way to use a zipper without having to grip onto the zipper, that is both easy to use and to pull, with the reduced need for strength or dexterity in your hands to use them?! We are so excited to now stock these!! 

Let’s be honest — zips aren’t always the easiest thing to navigate or manage, are they? The type, the style and the material of the zip can all influence how easy or difficult a zip can be to navigate! Surprisingly, it is the zip puller itself that actually makes it lesser or more accessible to use — and we finally have a way to easily and quickly convert your zipped items to easy zip ones with this really nifty “u shaped” zipper puller. 

With these zipper puller you no longer need to be able to actually pincer grip the zipper to use it! Now, you can just bend your finger into the zipper puller, gently pull, and open a zip without force, or needing good grip or strength in your hands or fingers to do it!  They are easy to thread into any zip to make favourite zipped items much easier to use with less energy too! 



Materialtextured PU grip and durable nylon cord

Size: 6.3cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 0.7 (D) 

Weight: 1 gram each  

Package Includes:  3x U zip pulls 

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