Collection: Diagnoses

We know it can be a minefield out there when it comes to finding things that can help our specific needs and diagnoses. There are products all over the place, but even knowing where to start, how to find it, where to go, or even what is out there isn’t always so straight forward - and can take precious time and resources that you don’t always have capacity for! 

We wanted to help! We have done the leg work to find what we can, talk to people, research, find, connect, build relationships, create partnerships and support our wider community! We hope this is a starting place that can offer solutions you hadn’t realised were out there, and support small businesses to continue to source and design solutions that can really help. 

This is an ever growing space and is the VERY beginning of what is coming! If you see something missing, have ideas, or want to see your own diagnosis represented here — please do get in touch! 

This is collaborative work done by many in our wider community — those with disabilities and chronic illness (various kinds), caregiver, families, friends, and international, national, corporate, and small business.